Jane EMR is a confidential online electronic medical record service. Before your visit, a receptionist will request your email, name, date of birth, gender and telephone number to register your personal account.

You will receive an email that will direct you to one of two EMR portals where you can complete intake forms, see upcoming appointment times, and access plans, records and lab results:

Woodbridge patients, will visit this link – WOODBRIDGE-EMR
Toronto patients, will visit this link – TORONTO-EMR

Depending on your needs, you may receive one of the following intake forms along with the four consent forms listed below:

Intake forms

  • Adult Naturopathic Medicine Intake Questionnaire (which includes a specialized women’s health and fertility section to be filled out where applicable)
  • Pediatric Naturopathic Medicine Intake Form
  • Lactation Consultation Intake Form

Consent forms

  • Informed Consent to Naturopathic Diagnostic & Treatment Procedures
  • Privacy and Sharing of Information (Patient consent form for collection, use and disclosure of personal information)
  • Cancellation Policy, and no direct billing
  • CHR-Naturopathic Medicine Laboratory Testing