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Meet Mary Wong

Fertility strategist, Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, author, podcaster, and personal coach.

I’ve been helping women with their fertility issues and fussy hormones for over 28 years. And it’s more than putting in needles or giving out herbs—it’s about looking at your life, inside and out, and guiding you towards mamahood with more energy, more positivity and less stress.

After my own struggle to have a baby, I discovered the journey was so much more lonely and frustrating than I could’ve imagined. I eventually began IVF and figured out how to combine traditional Chinese medicine with Western science to nurture my body and my soul. With my personal experiences to inspire me, my mission to help women get pregnant, naturally came to life.

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Meet Tanya Wylde

Fertility strategist, naturopathic doctor, and podcaster

My two children are truly miracles. One was conceived naturally and one was conceived with the help of IVF. But first I had to overcome PCOS, endometriosis, five miscarriages including a twin pregnancy loss…among so many more challenges that I don’t have room to list here. While my miscarriages were difficult, not being able to get pregnant was even more disappointing. Every month that went by with a negative pregnancy test, my heart would break. That’s why I’m a personal fertility strategist, or what Mary and I describe as Fertologists. It’s not a real word but it embraces our mission to help women conceive, naturally.

I’ve been a practicing naturopathic doctor for over 15 years, and I’ve been helping women get pregnant with the gift of my journey to guide me. I am clinically trained to prescribe lifestyle strategies including nutrition and supplement programs to help women with fertility issues and most importantly, I know what you’re feeling while you’re dreaming about mamahood.

So let’s talk about fertility. I’m here to help.

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