Detox, the healthy way wellness program
To kick off the spring on a healthy foot, this individualized detox program combines the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine and Yoga to bring your body back to a state of wellness. Click HERE for details.



February 2014

Look out for our In-House Dispensary in the Spring!

In addition to the online store we have decided to bring back the in-house dispensary to the office for those of you that preferred to pick up your supplements immediately after your visit.  We will do our best to meet all of your needs at a competitive cost because we understand that staying healthy can be expensive! The estimated time of arrival for the in-house dispensary is the spring.

~Wylde Natural Health Team

February 12th 2014

HST Tax Exemption!

We are pleased to announce that naturopathic doctors have been added to the list of health care professionals whose services are exempt from the GST/HST under the Excise Tax Act.   The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors has placed concentrated efforts this past year on demonstrating the positive impact exempting the GST/HST will have on Canadians seeking a more proactive, naturopathic approach to health and we are pleased to see the government’s recognition in the budget. The exemption took effect as of February 12th 2014. What does this mean? When you come to see us, you will no longer be charged GST/HST on the cost of your consultation.  Labs and cost of supplements are not included in this exemption.

~Wylde Natural Health Team

March 2013Dr. Tanya Mat Leave Poster

Also, check out Bryce Wylde’s segment on Breakfast Television about treatments for Heart Burn and Gryffin’s TV debut!


February 2013

Check out Dr. Eileen’s segment on the Global TV’s “The Morning Show”.

What we learned about weight loss in 2012-what actually works and what doesn’t??

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