What to Expect

First Visit

Upon arrival of your first and subsequent visits you will be asked to give a urine sample for analysis* before you your natural health care practitioner.  Then you will see the lab technician for a pre-screen test called the “BIA” (Bio-impedance-Analysis)* to determine your muscle to fat ratio and the health of your cells.  Please bring in any supplements or medications you are currently taking and a copy of any lab tests or scans (ultrasound/CT/MRI etc) you may have pertaining to your health or chief health concerns.  Also please bring in with you a 7-day food log reporting everything including all fluids and foods you have consumed in the last 7 days.  You will spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes on your initial visit during which time we will review your chief concerns, your personal and family history and perform portions of a physical exam.   (Breast exams, PAP exams and Digital Rectal Exams can be performed by one of our naturopathic doctors but must be requested for a subsequent visit and are not apart of the standard initial physical exam.)  We may recommend further blood work or further tests to help determine the underlying cause of your concerns or to determine if you have any nutrient deficiencies or hormonal imbalances.   At the end of each visit we will summarize our recommendations in the form of a printed  plan of action, which you will take home with you.  The plan of action will include health goals, nutritional recommendations/dietary prescriptions, herbal/supplemental or possibly intravenous recommendations, homework, lifestyle and exercise suggestions and any further laboratory testing recommendations.  In some cases we may refer you to other practitioners for a more comprehensive treatment approach.

Follow up visits:

Typically, we will ask you to follow up within 4-6 weeks of the initial visit for a 2nd visit (45 minutes long) to review any completed testing and make a revised plan of action depending on test results and the subjective (how YOU feel) outcome of the initial treatment plan.   Third visits and all subsequent follow up visits are 30 minutes and are usually once every month to 3 months depending on your treatment outcome and your needs.  The frequency of on-site or phone consult appointments are decided by both the practitioner AND you (the patient), together.   Please always come 15 minutes before your allotted appointment time, ready to provide us with a urine sample and be weighed in for a “BIA”.

In some cases where acupuncture is recommended you may be asked to follow up weekly or bi-monthly.  You can contact us between office visits by email for short and quick inquiries, however since we are very busy seeing patients during the day-time hours and have only a limited time in the evening for email replies we highly encourage our patients to compile a list of questions and bring them in to follow up visits at which point we will be more than happy to answer them in detail.  We cannot make any guarantee that we will answer your emails unless otherwise specified in an appointment. The caveat to this is that in some cases we may receive an email from a patient and prefer to answer their question(s) in person or over the phone in which case we will ask the receptionist to book either a phone consult or an in-office follow up visit that the patient will be billed for as per our usual follow up fees.  We work hard to make sure all of our patient’s concerns are being met because we know that you work hard to get better and to follow our recommendations.

We are very excited to help you on your journey to wellness.   Once you have filled out your intake forms and consent forms please call us to book your initial consultation.  If for some reason, you leave a message and don’t hear back from one of our staff within 2-5 business days, please send an email to Tanya at tanyawylde@rogers.com and she will alert one of the staff to call you immediately with an available appointment time with one of us.

IVF patients/Fertility patients undergoing assisted reproduction technologies (ART)

Patients who are undergoing IVF and wish to come in for acupuncture on the day of transfer only, please contact either Tanya at tanyawylde@rogers.com or Eileen at eileenpark81@gmail.com directly with your name and telephone number so that one of us can have our receptionist call you to arrange an acupuncture appointment for you.  This service is generally provided for patients who already have an existing naturopathic doctor but need acupuncture done at a clinic closer in proximity for the day of transfer.  If you aren’t currently under the care of another naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist and would like naturopathic supportive care and acupuncture to increase your chances of conception we generally recommend starting weekly acupuncture for 3 months prior to your treatment to prepare you for IVF and weekly through your treatment process.


Please go to the fee guide section of the website under “New Patients”.  Be aware that most extended health insurance plans do cover Naturopathic medical services and Homeopathic health care services.  Some examples are Sun Life, Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Green Shield, London Life and many other insurance providers. Please note: *Costs of all lab tests and treatment recommendations such as supplements are additional to the cost of the visit.

Cancellation policy:

We require 72 hours notice (3 business days) to cancel or reschedule new patient appointments.  This is because a new patient booking is 1.5 hours long.  In order to offer this to another patient, it is often necessary for that patient to rearrange their schedule.  Three business days (72 hours) allows enough time for this process to occur smoothly and have the space filled with a patient who has been waiting for an appointment time. All patients must submit a valid credit card number prior to their first appointment in order to secure their first appointment.   Alternatively you can pay ahead of time if you don’t have a mastercard to secure your spot.  We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel follow-up appointment times.  Your time has been reserved just for you and other patients may be waiting for an opening.  The full visit fee will be strictly charged for cancellations if we are not given sufficient time as outlined above.   Thank you kindly for your understanding!

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