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From PMS to pregnancy and mamahood to menopause, my goal is to help women achieve optimal health during every stage of their lives.

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Type 2 Diabetes

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Traditional Chinese doctor Mary Wong and I both tried and tried—and tried—to get pregnant before having our little ones. Now we are fertologists sharing the highs, lows and our trained expertise to help you thrive during your fertility journey and beyond.

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Discover our podcast to help you boost your fertility naturally, and thrive during mamahood and beyond.

Who is MyFertology for?
Women who are trying to conceive or experiencing fertility issues. It’s also for moms who are raising babies—and their careers— after experiencing infertility.

What is Fertology?
It sums up our mission to boost your mood, your bod and your inner mama spirit with less stress and more joy before, during and after mamahood.

Latest Books

The Entrepreneur's Tool Kit -
A Practical and Holistic Guide to Start and Grow Your Business.

Learn how to set up your business for success with powerful marketing tactics, money management techniques, livelihood protection, and skills to build a high-performance internal and external team. Dr. Wylde's micro-solutions will help you enjoy the journey to success just as much as the end. You will flourish in both your personal life and career on your adventures far beyond you ever imagined.


Embrace Your Fertility

Embrace Your Fertility helps couples and individuals on their fertility journey. It includes patient heartfelt stories who have gone through fertility struggles and provides advice on different treatment options from naturopathy, east-Asian medicine/acupuncture, mind-body tools, counselling, medical treatment options, donor sperm, egg donation/surrogacy and adoption. This book gives you a whole new perspective on fertility from both mainstream medical interventions and complementary health options.


What Makes Me Different?

I listen, I care and I connect with you

I am always up to date with the latest research and evidence-based naturopathic medicine

I am collaborative and am always happy to work with your other health care providers

I have specific training in hormone imbalances, diabetes, weight loss, fertility, perinatal health, natural labor and breastfeeding

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We’re ditching the shame of struggling to get pregnant, speaking the truth and sharing good vibes and practical advice. For moms who struggled to conceive and are now blessed with a babe, we’ll also help you shake-off the guilt of feeling tired and frustrated during your new mom life.

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