We have created this website so that our existing patients and new patients can get to know us better and be aware of the services that we offer as natural health care practitioners.  We have also been using it as a blog for posting integrative medicine research to increase the awareness of the efficacy of the therapies we use.  And most important of all we plan to use this as a medium to motivate people to get or stay healthy!!!

**Please be aware that our new clinic location is 5 minutes west of our previous clinic.  We are located at  the “Centre of Health and Rehabilitation” on 1160 Clarence Street (one street west of Islington off of Rutherford) in the plaza just behind the Longos and in the same plaza as the “Jelly Bean Daycare”.  We are very excited to have joined a wonderful team of health care practitioners to better fulfill your health care needs!  For more detailed contact information please go to the “contact” section of this website.

Thank you for your interest and for visiting our website.  Our goal as natural health care practitioners is to help you get well and to achieve optimal wellness!

~  Bryce Wylde, Homeopath and Tanya Wylde, Hana Weidenfeld, Eileen Park and Amber Moore, Naturopathic Doctors

21 Responses to Welcome

  1. Novelia Craig says:

    My daughter in love, is sufering from Progressive Pigmentary Purapura, she need helph. Please, can you tell me if you can helph?
    Novelia Craig

    • trwylde says:

      Consider the use of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Quercitin(rutoside) in addition to probiotics. We have not treated this before but we can certainly try based on the evidence of what natural medicine has been shown to work….http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1084594-treatment
      Eileen Park, ND is seeing new patients at our clinic and can see your daughter in law.

    • Novelia Craig says:

      Thank you very much for your response. She was in treatment with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Quercitin(rutoside) in addition to probiotics. IUnfortunately it didn’t work. She is in a new treatment right now. We will see what happened.

      Thank you very much!!!!

      Novelia Craig

      • trwylde says:

        Hi! You are welcome! How long did she undergo treatment with these? Let us know what her new treatment plan is and how it goes. Here’s to hoping the new treatment plan works!

  2. kasino says:

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  3. Debbie Tronnes says:

    I had spinal fusion on nov 6 2013. I don’t sleep because of ache in lower back. I started taking magnesium & tried arnica gel and valerian root. What can I do?

    • Hi Debbie,
      My treatment recommendations would be individualized depending on the cause of your low back pain. For example:
      1) Mechanical low back pain is most commonly due to a muscular imbalance of the core and pelvic muscles, in addition to poor ergonomics and posture. To achieve the best outcomes, my management would focus on treating the affected muscles using acupuncture, soft tissue work, and herbs that gently relax the muscles in addition to an individualized rehabilitation program to correct muscular imbalances.
      2) Low back pain involving the nervous system (slipped disc, sciatica, etc.) is best treated by methods to support nerve health (acupuncture, specific supplementation and nutrition) and decrease nerve compression (weight loss, proper ergonomics, muscle rehabilitation to properly engage the core and low back).
      Some things you could try irrespective of the cause are gentle pain-free stretching and yoga. The magnesium and arnica gel you mentioned trying can also be helpful for some people, although neither of these address the cause of pain and therefore will not generally resolve the reason you are having pain.
      Hope that helps and all the best!

  4. Nicol says:

    My son, age 23, has been losing his hair (male pattern baldness area) for the last few years. There is no family history of this on either side at all. He has been for bloodwork (normal), along with dermatologists ( who quickly diagnose male pattern baldness) and then prescribe either Minoxidil or Propecia. He is hesitant to begin either as they are lifelong medications and there seem to be quite worrisome potential side effects with Propecia. He also has seen a holistic practitioner (about two years ago) and was advised to eat a healthy diet and rub coconut oil into his scalp every day ( diet is already healthy and the coconut oil made his hair appear very greasy and made it look worse).
    He began taking Bio FenPlus for Men about 4 months ago, but does not feel that it has improved his hair loss. His diet is quite healthy, weight is excellent and he exercises regularly.
    Is there any way that you can help? We’re not sure where to go next at this point and are desperate to seek answers before resorting to Minoxodil.
    We would appreciate any information that you could offer. Thank you.

    • Hi Nicol,
      Thanks for reaching out to us. I am curious which labs were run? Hair loss can be due to low levels of iron, thyroid hormone or sex hormones (testosterone etc.) so these should be assessed to rule out other causes. Chronically elevated cortisol levels (i.e. stress) interferes with many systems in the body including thyroid hormone and testosterone synthesis, so this should also be considered – we have lab tests available to assess cortisol levels in the body if we feel this may be a factor. If your son in fact has male pattern baldness there are a few herbs that help decrease DHT production (similar to Bio Fen) that we could try, in addition to other topical preparations using essential oils, keeping in mind there is limited research in this area.
      Hope that helps and let us know if there is anything else we can do!

      • Nicol says:

        Thank you so very much for your quick response. Yesterday, he visited our family doctor once again and requested new, updated blood work to be done just to, once again, rule out any other health concerns prior to beginning on a regime of rogaine. His first tests ( about two years ago, included thyroid and testosterone tests…apparently all were within normal range. These specific tests are, once again, are requested by the family doctor. The doctor told him that she does not expect to see any change from the first battery of blood tests.
        The requisition form lists regular testing (under the “biochemistry” section) and then, under “other” , requests the following:
        Total protein, testosterone,free testosterone, DHEA-sulphate, cortisol-A.M , cortisolP.M.
        Just curious from your comment, will the test requests listed above show if, in fact, the hair loss might be attributed to stress? If so, what might he do to reverse the loss, if possible?
        Thank you so much for your time and response. It is very much appreciated.

      • The cortisol AM and PM, if elevated, suggests elevated stress levels, but keep in mind that this only gives us a “snapshot in time” and therefore does not necessarily reflect what has been going on long term. If cortisol is elevated he would need to have a full work up to be able to properly assess why this is occurring and treat accordingly based on what we suspect the cause to be.
        All the best Nicol!

      • Nicol says:

        Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate the time that you have taken to get back to me.

  5. Munyia LeBlanc says:

    I have been diagnosed with Meralgia Parasthetica via EMG. I saw a Neurologist who prescribed Lyrica ( I did not take it- the side effects are incredible) but he did not tell me the “cause” of the condition. For the past two months,I have been to a physical therapist that has not helped at all. I have left-sided bilateral thigh pain all the time. What can I do for this?
    Respectfuly Munyia Leblanc

    • Hi Munyia,
      Meralgia Paresthetica is most commonly caused by a nerve impingement of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh, so in order to find the cause of this condition, you would need to be assessed to see which structures (muscle, ligament, bone etc.) may be putting pressure on this nerve and focus treatment on these structures (physical therapy, acupuncture, exercise prescription etc.). Additionally, there are many natural therapies that can support nerve health including B12 injections and acupuncture – I have had good success treating chronic nerve pain using this approach. Weight loss and abdominal strengthening can also help as these sometimes contribute to the condition.
      Hope that helps and thanks for connecting with us!

  6. Kelly Ireland says:

    Turning 50 this year and menopause is kicking my butt, is there anything I should be taking to ease the moodiness,weight gain, low sex drive and all of the other symptoms of menopause?

    Hurry back with a answer before my husband trades me in. Lol

    • Hi Kelly,
      Treatment depends on the specific symptoms you are experiencing, but some general things to try include avoiding hot flash triggers (caffeine, hot drinks, alcohol, spicy food), restricting dietary sugar intake and sage tea. Female sex hormone metabolism (and thus menopausal symptoms) is influenced by many things including adrenal health, liver and digestive function, so we would assess and support these organ systems in addition to hormonal support in our approach.
      Hope that helps and thanks for connecting with us!

  7. Sherry Peto says:

    Hello, I suffer from acute acid reflux and now have a “lump” of phlegm that sits at the back of my throat. I cannot get it to move up or down. It just sits there. It affects my talking as it will often cause a “gurgle” sound in my speech.
    Any ideas on what I could do to help with this?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Sherry,
      The symptoms you are experiencing tells us that we need to work on supporting optimal digestive health. We commonly approach such concerns in a stepwise fashion (although modifications will be made depending on the particulars of the individual case):
      1) Remove stressors that negatively affect your digestive tract: identification and elimination of food intolerances, stress reduction, and eradication of pathogenic bacteria or yeast if this is part of the case using natural antimicrobials.
      2) Replace factors that are lacking in the body or diet to optimize digestion: optimizing HCl levels, bile and digestive enzyme production and release.
      3) Reinoculate the digestive system with strain-specific probiotics depending on your digestive concerns.
      4) Repair the mucosal lining using specific micronutrients that support tissue healing and regeneration.
      We have seen good results with the symptoms you are describing using this type of approach.
      All the Best!

  8. Whittney says:

    I was diagnosed with rhumetiod arthritis, they have put me on methotrexate injections and well as plaquinil pills..what are your thoughts on this medication for RA? I’m concerned about side effects with long term use.

    • Hi Whittney,
      Both of these medications are quite commonly prescribed by rheumatologists to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but as with most medicine, the response is quite individual – some experience substantial relief while others do not, so it’s a bit of a trial and error process. You are correct that there are some concerning side effects, so it often ends up being a cost-vs-benefit analysis that you would need to discuss with your doctor. Many patients we see with rheumatoid arthritis can find additional pain relief (or seek alternative treatments) by addressing food intolerances, optimizing gut function and certain supplementation so I would encourage you to seek out this avenue as well – we offer complimentary 15 minute consultations if you would like to learn more about this.
      All the best!

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