Weight Loss

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  1. Marsha Knapp says:

    Iam 58 years old and I have had a weight problem as long as I can remember! I have never worked with an ND before regarding my weight. Is there a program you could offer me for weight loss? Could you please describe the program to me and the cost!
    Thank you
    Marsha Knapp

    • trwylde says:

      Hi Marsha,
      The program we use is based on the evidence based therapeutic lifestyle program called “First Line Therapy” which involves lifestyle changes, slow but progressive nutritional changes and an individualized exercise program. We also assess you for any metabolic and hormonal imbalances which may be limiting your ability to lose weight and in addition to the fundamental basics (nutritional changes and exercise) we treat you supplementally with evidenced based orthomelecular(natural) medicines that may help address any imbalances we find on blood work. We ensure that as you are losing weight you are losing fat and not muscle by assessing you weekly or every two weeks with the Bio Impedance Analysis Machine. Our costs vary depending on the frequency of visits but if you look at our fee guide page http://wyldenaturalhealthteam.com/fee-guide/ you’ll get a sense of what you will be billed on the first, second and third visits. It also depends on what your start weight is and how compliant you are:) Most private health insurance plans cover naturopathic medicine. Hope that helps!!!

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