Fee Guide


Initial Consultation Fee (75mins): $275.00 + cost of labs*

Second Visit Fee (45 mins): $135.00 + cost of labs*

Each Additional Visit is billed based on time:

–>(30 mins): $90.00 +cost of labs

–>(45 mins): $135.00+ cost of labs

–>(60 mins): 180.00 + cost of labs

*Note, the standard follow up time is 30 minutes (90$) but we offer longer visit times for patients that need or request more time.  This additional time allows the doctor to address all patient concerns and to be as thorough as possible.  If a patient hasn’t been to the office in 1 year, a longer visit time of 60 minutes will automatically be booked and billed as above.  If a patient hasn’t been to the office in more than 2 years, they are considered new patients and will be billed accordingly.

Child (age 6 – 17 year)

Initial Consultation Fee (45 mins): $225.00 + cost of labs*

Each Additional Visit is billed based on time:

–>(30 mins): $90.00 +cost of labs

–>(45 mins): $135.00+ cost of labs

–>(60 mins): 180.00 + cost of labs

Child (age 5 and under)

Initial Consultation Fee (45 mins): $200.00 + cost of labs*

Each Additional Visit is billed based on time:

–>(30 mins): $90.00 +cost of labs

–>(45 mins): $135.00+ cost of labs

–>(60 mins): 180.00 + cost of labs

Mom and Baby

Mom & Baby Fee (60 mins): $135.00+ cost of labs* (Cost savings of 45$)

–>(*For Mom&Baby combo visit fee, child must be under 12 months old and both mom and child need to be current patients of the clinic)

Lactation consultation:

Lactation consultation in office (45 mins): $135.00

Lactation consultation in home or in hospital (60 mins): $180.00

Doula Services


This includes being on call the two weeks before and after your due date.  When your contractions are 5 minutes apart lasting for 60 seconds or longer we can show up to your home or to the hospital at which point we support you 100% no matter how long your labour is.   Since we are trained in lactation we can help you and your baby learn to breast feed and establish a good latch right after you deliver your baby.  Lactation support right after the labour is included in this fee.

Acupuncture with one of our naturopathic doctors: 

Initial and second visit fee are the same as fees listed for all patients

Each Additional Acupuncture Visit (30-45 mins): $90.00

Fertility Acupuncture (30-45 mins): $90.00  (we can waive initial consultation fee if you are only receiving two acupuncture visits on the day of IVF transfer -before and after transfer.)  For more details on acupuncture for fertility click HERE

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations are billed based on time:

–>up to 15 mins: $45.00

–>(30 mins): $90.00 +cost of labs

–>(45 mins): $135.00+ cost of labs

–>(60 mins): 180.00 + cost of labs

Detailed Emails (approx 15 minutes work): $45.00 —we don’t encourage emails though since in order to treat/answer questions properly, in-office visits are more effective!  If an email response takes longer than 15 minutes we will encourage a phone consult or in-office visit.

* Fees for Diagnostic Tests and other tests (blood/urine tests/BIA) and treatment recommendations (herbs/ supplements) are additional and not included in above fees. HST is also not included but is only charged on the labs and supplements from the dispensary and not on the consult fees.*

Extra time:

Please note that some patients wish to spend more time than the allotted time.  We are happy to accommodate you in the event that you would like more time on future visits.  If you wish to spend more time please inform your natural health care practitioner and the receptionist and we will accommodate you by booking longer appointment times that will be billed for according to the time spent.

Cancellation Fee policy

We require We require 72 hours notice (3 business days) to cancel or reschedule new patient bookings.  This is because a new patient booking is 1.5 hours long.  In order to offer this to another patient, it is often necessary for that patient to rearrange their schedule.  Three business days (72 hours) allows enough time for this process to occur smoothly and have the space filled with a patient who has been waiting for an appointment time. All patients must submit a valid credit card number prior to their first appointment in order to secure their first appointment.   Alternatively you can pay ahead of time if you don’t have a mastercard to secure your spot.  We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel follow-up appointment bookings.  Your time has been reserved just for you and other patients may be waiting for an opening.  The full visit fee will be strictly charged for cancellations if we are not given sufficient time as outlined above.   Thank you kindly for your understanding!

Extended health insurance plans:

Be aware that most extended health insurance plans do cover Naturopathic medical services and homeopathic health care services. We are covered by Sun Life, Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Green Shield, London Life and many other insurance providers.   If you have an extended health insurance plan find out how much you get covered for naturopathic medicine and you can use this towards the cost of your visits and sometimes lab tests.   We don’t deal directly with the insurance companies but you can submit a copy of your invoice to your health insurance and you will get reimbursed for the cost (or partial cost) of the visit.

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