Adult Visits

Phone and video consultations
*Please note I am committed to virtual appointments at this time

  • Initial Consultation Fee (75 mins): $275.00 + cost of labs*
  • Second Visit Fee (45 mins): $157 + cost of labs*
  • Each Additional Visit is billed based on time:
    • (30 mins): $105 + cost of labs*
    • (45 mins): $157.00 + cost of labs*
    • (60 mins): 210.00 + cost of labs*
  • Acute visits (15 mins): $53
  • Detailed Email Response (15 minutes): $53.00
  • The standard Additional Visit time is 30 minutes (105$) however, we offer longer visit times for patients that require or request more time. Please request extra time in advance.
  • If a patient hasn’t been to the office in over a year, a longer visit time of 60 minutes will automatically be booked and billed accordingly.
  • If a patient hasn’t been to the office in more than two years, they are considered “new patients” and will be billed for the 75-minutes re-assessment time.
  • Requests for email responses are not encouraged. In order to treat and answer questions properly, in-office visits are more effective. If an email response requires more than 15 minutes, you will be contacted to arrange a phone/video consult or in-office visit.

Additional Fees

  • *Cost of labs includes fees for diagnostic tests and other tests (blood, urine and stool tests)
  • Treatment recommendations for herbs and supplements
  • HST is only applicable to cost of labs and herbs and supplements

Cancellation Policy and Fees

  • 72 hours-notice (3 business days) to cancel or reschedule a new patient appointment.
  • 24 hours-notice (1 business day) to change or cancel follow-up appointment times.
  • All patients must submit a valid credit card number prior to their first visit to secure their appointment time.
  • If you do not have access to a credit card, please pay ahead of time with e-transfer, debit card or cash.
  • A full visit fee will be charged for cancellations that are short of the stated cancellation times
  • Thank you kindly for your understanding!

Extended Health Insurance Plans

  • Most extended health insurance plans cover naturopathic medical services. Participating providers include Sun Life, Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Green Shield, London Life and more.
  • If you have an extended health insurance plan, contact your provider to confirm how much coverage you are eligible for naturopathic services including visits and lab tests.
  • Note, we do not operate directly with insurance companies. To receive reimbursement, submit a copy of your invoice to your health insurance provider.