A customized Diabetes program includes:

Personal Assessment
We’ll begin with assessing the degree of your type two diabetes and insulin resistance with a fasting insulin challenge, which we’ll monitor quarterly until your hbA1C levels stabilize over time with treatment. We’ll also uncover how your body is reacting as a result of your condition. I will monitor cardiovascular inflammation markers, liver enzymes, stress hormones such as cortisol, lipid panel and if necessary, your thyroid and reproductive hormones.

Addressing Lifestyle Habits
There are actions and habits that can cause your genes to turn on type two diabetes. Perhaps your pancreas needs a break with intermittent fasting or you need guidance to support healthy weight loss. Supplements to support your body’s needs and stress management tools can ease the load on your body, too. These are all effective strategies to reverse insulin resistance, improve blood sugars and triglycerides, and maybe even prevent, lower or eliminate your need for diabetes medication.

Nutritional Consulting
Experience tailored guidance that focuses on whole, low glycemic and Mediterranean diets to help reverse your type two diabetes. We’ll also explore education on caloric needs based on your individual basal metabolic rate, weight goals and ideal lifestyle choices.