Getting Started: Let's Talk First

I understand starting a new partnership for your best health is based on trust, that’s why I encourage potential patients to book a Meet and Greet 10-minute health discovery with me.

Naturopathic support is a commitment that requires valuable time and resources, so let’s ensure I can meet your needs and help you thrive before your first visit.


Before your first visit

I work with women and men from all over Ontario, Canada.

To book an appointment, contact me at one of two health care clinics: ALIVE Holistic Health Care based in Toronto & CHR (The Center for Health and Rehabilitation) based in Vaughan.

Once you have secured your first visit time and date with a receptionist, they will then email you forms to be filled through the JANE EMR, a confidential online electronic medical record APP where you will complete a thorough intake form and three consent forms.

The EMR portal is where we will meet for virtual appointments and provides access to your naturopathic medicine plans, records and lab results.

In order to make the most of your time during your first appointment, please complete the following:

All forms must be submitted prior to your appointment.

If you have completed blood work or scans (ultrasound/CT/MRI etc.) pertaining to your chief concerns, please gather copies for my review. Blood work can be accessed online at Life Labs or Gamadynacare. Alternatively, at the time of your visit we can sign a release of records to your family physician or specialist for review on your subsequent visit. Even if your results are normal, note I will be assessing them to help you reach optimal levels.

I will review all of your supplements to ensure that they are are effective (at the right dosages, safe, and appropriate for you). It is a priority for me to have patients only take what is absolutely necessary.

I will also ensure that you are taking your medications and supplements in a way to support maximal absorption and avoid interactions.

During your first visit

  • You will spend up to 75 minutes long
  • An in-depth medical, nutrition, and lifestyle history intake.
  • Analysis and review of your previous lab work, supplements or medications you are currently taking.
  • An open exchange with the time and space to have all your questions answered.
  • I will connect the dots and explain how your symptoms may be connected and treated.
  • You will receive a naturopathic plan of action which will include some or all of the following:
    • Health goals determined together
    • Nutrition recommendation
    • Medical-grade supplements/herbal support
    • Lifestyle enhancements
    • Additional laboratory and functional medicine tests (through Life Labs, Doctors Data, Rocky Mountain Analytical or ICL Integrative Laboratory Services)
    • Stress management techniques
    • In some cases, you may be referred to partner practitioners for a more comprehensive treatment approach
    • Recommendations for a follow-up appointment
  • Initial Consultation Fee: $300 *Includes reviewing blood work results, providing a plan of action, and conducting research before and after your visit.  Fees do not include lab work or supplements.

Follow up visits

  • Typically expect a 45 minute follow up consult within 2-6 weeks of the initial visit
  • Third and subsequent visits vary in length between 15-60 minutes (time will vary depending on your needs).
  • Review and interpretation of any lab work requested on previous visits.
  • A progress-check of your healing plan.
  • Enhancements or adjustments made to your healing plan (based on lab work, progress, symptoms, as- needed.
  • Follow Up Consultation fees are based on time and range from $60 to $240. 

How often will you follow up?

We will work on a schedule together. Decisions are first and foremost based on your health concerns, then we will assess your finances and health insurance coverage.

Generally, patients begin with monthly to bi-monthly appointments until their main health concerns have been resolved.

Once patients have achieved a level of improved health that they are happy with, they transition to having appointments on an as needed basis or for annual health check ups.

Healthy patients have the option to maintain quarterly or yearly visit for nutrient/functional medicine; to assess lifestyle and supplement strategies are still optimal for their needs; or address an acute infection or concern they require treatment for.

Weight loss patients and diabetic patients often visit monthly until they have reached their target weight loss and blood sugar goals.

Fertility patients visit monthly for three months, and then follow up visits will depend on their pregnancy status.

Pregnant patients visit twice per trimester, and then bi-weekly the first few weeks post partum until they have healed and breastfeeding has been well established.

Parents of newborns will then return to review sleep training and baby food introduction. 

Postpartum year moms often return monthly to focus on getting their bodies and minds back in shape to prepare for their return to work.

In-between visits

  • Record your questions and concerns and bring them to your next visit at which point we can review them together in detail.
  • Send short and quick inquiries via email however, we cannot guarantee an immediate reply.
  • Some emails/inquiries may prompt an immediate consult. In this case, a receptionist will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

  • for complete fee and cancellation details.
  • Most extended health insurance plans cover Naturopathic medical services, including Sun Life, Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Green Shield, London Life and many other insurance providers.
  • Please note: *Costs of all lab tests and treatment recommendations such as supplements are additional to the cost of the visit